McFadden Memorial Scholarship

In memory of the late Brother Phillip D. McFadden, the PDM Memorial Scholarship was established to place special emphasis on education and the character of the young men that are members of the Royal Missionary Baptist Church, under the spiritual leadership of Rev. Dr. Isaac J. Holt, Jr. The scholarship offers a young man, graduating from high school, the opportunity to compete to receive a $1,500 scholarship through the generosity of Royal Baptist Church, family, and friends of Brother McFadden.

Scholarship Requirements:
Must have an acceptance letter from a 4yr or 2yr accredited school program; show justification of need; must participate with a church ministry; show community involvement; personal interview and submission of a 500-word essay.


  1. Discuss some things that black males do that negatively impact their image in the public. What things can you do to change these negative images? or
  2. What is your perception of “THE AMERICAN DREAM? Discuss what steps you have taken and will take in striving to accomplish your goals in life. or
  3. Describe the most challenging obstacle that you have faced as a young African American male. What steps did you take in overcoming this challenge? Explain how focusing on your future goals will help you to face future obstacles in life.
The selection process will be based on the strength and score of the applicant’s interview, essay, GPA, and references. The selection committee is made up of educators and counselors.

- Please return this completed registration form (also on Royal’s website)
- Your essay
- A graduation or senior picture (Not necessary if one was sent to the church)

Return to or drop off at the church office Monday-Friday 10am-3pm - any question or concerns, please call Sister McFadden- 843-297-1917

Deadline for all completed documents is Sunday, May 26, 2024

Remember to put forth your very best effort, apply all rules you have learned in school for writing an essay. This is a competition; only one scholarship will be awarded. Essays will be scored by educators with over 60 years of Experience.

Any questions or concerns, please contact me immediately. Good luck and God Bless!